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In Life Pillars, Adam Mitchell takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unveiling the essential ingredients for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Delve into the depths of your identity, uncover your unique talents, and ignite your passion by exploring the three core pillars that will redefine your path to success and happiness.

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    Life Pillars

    Adam Mitchell has personally done what he shares in his book. Have a look at what he wishes to share with his readers through the preview of his book’s chapters here.

    Meet The Author

    Adam J. Mitchell

    Adam Mitchell was born in Evansville, Indiana, and relocated with his family to Arlington, Texas, a year after his birth. His childhood in Arlington had a profound impact on shaping the person he would become. Growing up on the city’s southeast side, he experienced the rougher side of the neighborhood while he lived in a modest middle-class home.

    When he was six years old, his parents divorced. Despite the challenges of the divorce, Adam remained in the same house with his mother and younger brother. His mother, a true saint, made numerous sacrifices to ensure they had a nurturing upbringing. Though their father was present in their lives every other weekend, those moments, despite their differences, held positive significance in shaping Adam’s stance.

    As he grew older, Adam assumed the role of the man of the house, taking on responsibilities. These experiences profoundly influenced his personal growth and development. With the benefit of hindsight, Adam could now connect the dots between those formative experiences and his passions.

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    Adam Mitchell’s debut book is about aligning one’s passion, gifts, and self-understanding to step forward in life, business, or career. The author wants to help develop the right attitude within people and give them the right tips to get them looking to level up in life. Life Pillars is a road map of unlocking the keys to leveling up.

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    Life Pillars

    Here is the official video trailer of Life Pillars, a self-help book by Adam Mitchell about building a better you to have a better experience in life.


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